Friday, 19 February 2010

First ideas

Originally, the first motivation I had for a film idea was to create a cartoon preview that would present a new animated character, who like many other fictional characters, would have the chance to be later recognised and appreciated.

I have always been inspired by the odd but interesting cartoon characters. Take the Beetlejuice cartoon for example; The series itself was a spin off, taken from the original 1989 movie, with the same name. In both film and cartoon, I've adored Beetlejuice's character, as he's very eccentric, funny and on some level, pretty sick.

I am still uncertain about going a head with this plan, as there is a chance that if I was to make this character, he/she may share a lot of similar aspects to another existing character and prove to be too much alike.

Putting that idea aside, the other plan I had was to make an animated music video. The film would be made up of my animations and would be timed to fit in well with a song. The problem is, is that I believe that we have to find our own music... I'm in no way, a musical person. I can't play any instrument and I sure as hell can't sing. Fortunately, other than finding the music, I have no further concerns. I am more drawn to this idea, as I believe that I can make it, at the very least, acceptable. In a way, I'm sort of aiming for it to be strong and hard-hitting.

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